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QUAD Inc.‘s Mission


As a non-profit organization serving the disabled community, QUAD Inc. is dedicated to advancing the rights and independence of severely physically disabled adults through the provision of low-cost accessible housing and support services that promote self-reliance and self-sufficiency in all aspects of daily living.

The programs QUAD Inc. offers enable people with severe disabilities to live independently in their own homes, enhancing opportunities to pursue vocational, educational and civic goals of their own choosing. Different than a nursing center, these unique services play to the strengths of the individual, ensuring independence and self-reliance within a fully functional, accessible environment.

While other social service organizations provide low-income housing and limited supportive services for people with disabilities, none offer QUAD Inc.’s unique combination of shared personal attendant care and affordable, accessible housing designed to foster independence and promote personal choice in daily living.  QUAD Inc. has consistently provided a unique model of shared attendant care for a fraction of the cost of nursing home or adult foster care.

Our dream is that one day, every person with a severe disability will have access to affordable, barrier-free living that leads to greater personal independence.


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