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Dr. Ryan Skelton


Ryan Skelton, Ph.D. constantly considers his relationships to people, things and ideas in the world around him, and he wonders what is true — and not true— about the scope of his abilities.

“The more things I can figure out how to do for myself, the more elements of my disability become irrelevant. But right now, I still need help to shower, dress and prepare food.”  Living at Burnside Station Apartments and recently licensed as a psychologist, Ryan plans to use his advanced degrees and thinking to help others with different abilities to think differently too. 

“QUAD Inc.’s unique concept is liberating and humanizing, but it’s not a silver bullet. This structure allows residents to make our own way, bad or good.”


Roland and Ruth

Ruth and Roland

Roland and Ruth have been thinking a lot about how QUAD Inc.’s services are different and how these services have enabled them to embrace family life and move forward in the midst of life with physical challenges. They have learned from their own experiences and from other residents about how to do things for themselves. 

“We’ve realized that we really are our own advocates in this system of care. If we want things done differently, we just need to take the time to explain exactly how we want them done. It’s our household and with this type of care, we can be in charge. That has been very empowering for each of us.”

“When Roland’s parents or sister comes to visit, we can just enjoy their company, sharing stories or playing cards.  We count on the Central Station staff for help with tasks that we can’t accomplish ourselves so we don’t have to rely on family and friends for help with daily activities.”



“I moved into a QUAD Inc. apartment because I experienced very inconsistent care when I lived in my own home, never knowing whether my caregivers would show up or not. Now, if a caregiver doesn’t show up, I’m not worried about finding help, or having to spend the day in my bed.  Living in this type of environment just makes sense.”

Lynn, former resident of Burnside Station





At 30, Dirk was an active sales manager.  His reality changed drastically when he tumbled off his roof onto a fence, breaking his back.  For years, Dirk experienced the restricted, limited lifestyle of nursing homes and adult foster care, a young man who they considered an appropriate roommate for elderly and hospice patients.

When he was ready to re-engage in a career, Dirk realized that he needed a different kind of living environment and supportive care to be able to make it work, with the safety net he needed to move forward in a healthy way.

“People really don’t understand what QUAD Inc. offers to those in my situation. When my family saw for themselves how well this system works, they were amazed at the simple, yet incredibly effective approach for helping me gain back control over my life and the freedom to choose my own path.” 


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