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Shared Attendant Care


QUAD Inc.‘s 24/7 Shared Attendant Care is what truly makes QUAD Inc. different from other living options for people with severe physical disabilities who rely on a wheelchair for mobility.  No other independent living provider offers QUAD Inc.‘s unique, life-tested model of care… anywhere. 

Residents who elect these optional Shared Attendant Care services can get assistance for activities that they cannot physically do for themselves. They choose from a menu of daily services that might include wake-up or bedtime care, cooking, medical assistance and help with projects and activities. Residents choose and direct these services themselves, ensuring that they receive only the help and support they really need!  While QUAD Inc.‘s attendants are not medical professionals, they do receive special training in the specific care needs of the spinal cord injured.

Services are provided under a contract with the Oregon Department of Human Services Seniors & People with Disabilities Division. This tightly-managed system of resident-directed personal assistance is delivered at about one-third of the cost of skilled nursing care!  This system works efficiently and cost-effectively because residents share the team of attendants, take pride in doing as much as they can for themselves and are fully committed to living independent, self-directed lives.

Wouldn’t you want QUAD Inc.’s unique combination of shared, non-medical attendant care and affordable, accessible housing if you or your family member became disabled?

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